Office 2010 Application Compatibility Tools Bug Hunt

Hello, this is Michael Kiselman again with exciting news related to the Office 2010 compatibility program and tools. We have many participants using and testing the Application Compatibility tools for Office 2010. Thus far we have received much feedback from the community and are making improvements to the tools as a result of that feedback….


Office 2010 Application Compatibility Tools Bug Hunt Sweepstakes Official Rules

MICROSOFT OFFICE 2010 APPLICATION COMPATABILITY TOOLS SWEEPSTAKES OFFICIAL RULES     NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.    PLEASE NOTE:  It is your sole responsibility to review and understand your employer’s policies regarding your eligibility to participate in trade promotions.  If you are participating in violation of your employer’s policies, you may be disqualified from entering or receiving…


Office 2010 Application Compatibility Tools Beta Now Available

Update: URL’s in the post were not functioning properly, and have now been fixed.  Today we are please to announce that a public beta of Office Environment Assessment Tool, a beta of Office Code Compatibility Inspector and a draft of the Assessment and Remediation Guide are now available for download at the new Office 2010…


Office 2010 for Developers: Transcript from my training session

During the launch wave we spend a lot of time “readying” various teams around the company and externally about the new capabilities for developers in Office 2010. This is a topic of great interest across our technical field in particular, due to the multitudes of solutions that are built on Office to do everything from…


Office 2010 Application Compatibility: Deep dive on the Code Compatibility Inspector

Continuing with the deep dive into new tools in Office 2010 Application Compatibility, we would like to explore and illustrate in detail how Code Compatibility Inspector (CI) functions. Visit the prior post on App compat. Visit the drill down on the environment assessment tool. The Microsoft Office 2010 Code Compatibility Inspector is designed to assist…


Office 2010 Application Compatibility: Deep dive on Environment Assessment Tool

Update: I caught wind of some problems with the email address for the beta signup through blog comments and other channels. We had to resolve a technical difficulty with the email alias. With our apologies, please continue to use the email address below to sign up for the beta. It should be working now.    In…


Announcing the Office 2010 Application Compatibility Program

  Update: If you would like to sign up for the beta program for the tools, please email the following alias. Update: Read more details about the tools in these two subsequent posts: Hello, my name is Michael Kiselman, I am a technical product manager driving Office 2010 application compatibility program on Office…