A New Challenge

A great thing about Microsoft as an employee is the ability to manage one's own career and to invest in one's own development by seeking new opportunities and experiences. Role changes at Microsoft are common, part of the unique cultural fabric that exists within our company.

Today I find myself in this situation. I have accepted a new role as Group Program Manager in our Customer and Partner Engineering Services team. In layperson's terms this means transitioning to the engineering org out of "marketing," and taking on a new team that manages (among other things) in-market products. I am thrilled to make the move, there are many areas of work on this team for which I have great passion.

In departing the Office Product Management group I leave behind a great team and many outstanding colleagues. I will certainly treasure the experiences I have gained in this organization. I'm not going that far, my new role will still have a strong customer focus, I will still work on Office and MBD products, and I'll still work in the same building.

As I ramp on the new role, I am going to shut down the blog for a while. There are many things to consume to prepare for my new role, so I need to go into a cave for a bit and study up. At some point I plan to return to blogging, but for now, I'm going to be a good student and concentrate on collecting input rather than generating output.

Here's where to go if you want to read blogs similar to mine:





Thank you to the readers who have followed my posts and participated in them. I shall return Smile.

Comments (2)

  1. Mourad Louha says:

    Hi Gray…

    Congratulations for the new role and I hope to hear from you here as soon it will be possible 🙂

    Mourad Louha

  2. Barry says:

    Not too shabby Gray.

    You guys should make open document format accessible with MS office, right off the bad, without any plug-ins needed, it would save the users a lot of headache.

    The reason why I mention it. It would give the edge to MS office. Ergo competitiveness.  

    Even though Oracle had charge a ridiculous levy for sun ODF plug-in for MS Office. I think you’ll guys would figure something out.

    Besides I know a few aspiring writers who use openoffice.org and a few like me use MS office.


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