RSA: What Motivates Us

This is a great video for aspiring managers. Excellent production as well.  [View:]


A Company of One

I may have hit a chord with the management theme last week, lots of offline feedback on that post. I’ll post on the topic again to see if I can turn a data point into a trend. At Microsoft we have a competency called “Cross-group Collaboration” which is used to illustrate the degree to which…


Office Round-up

Tossing up a few useful links and a few random comments to go along with it. BPOS Customers can now view service status through a new dashboard. An RSS feed is also available. Mac Office will Arrive on October 26th. Office 2011 is a fine product. We changed some of the licensing terms for Business…


How to present to an executive

Taking a left turn for a moment on the software talk. I’m at a point where I have to vent on a topic, and no better place to do it than to the anonymous reader. For some reason I’ve been in a lot of these lately (usually the presenter or I am needed for some…


Updating the Custom XML Scanning Tool

A while back I posted a scanning tool to detect the presense of Custom XML Markup in Open XML documents. I wanted to provide an update for this tool to reflect the new Open XML SDK 2.0. The scanning tool has been recompiled against the new version of the SDK and should work a little…


Welcome Back

Resurfacing, It has been several months since I last posted. I have spent that time transitioning to a new role in Office sustaining engineering. I am the proud owner of a new title, I changed my office, my boss, my commitments, bought a mini-van and played 30,000 more songs on my Zune. My new team…


A New Challenge

A great thing about Microsoft as an employee is the ability to manage one’s own career and to invest in one’s own development by seeking new opportunities and experiences. Role changes at Microsoft are common, part of the unique cultural fabric that exists within our company. Today I find myself in this situation. I have…


Open XML SDK 2.0 Released

On February 21, 2008, I posted on Microsoft Interoperability Principles, which are designed to make our products more open and more available to the broader software community. Since that day, Microsoft has made several strides in this area, too many to recount here and now, but largely explained by the Interoperability@Microsoft team. Today we are…


Office Developer Atlas

If you are new to Office development, or are if you are looking to learn more about what’s new in Office 2010 for Developers, we have a new tool available for you. Today we are publishing the Office Developer Atlas, a tool for self-training on Office 2010 development. This is a great resource for you…


Office 2010 Application Compatibility Tools Bug Hunt

Hello, this is Michael Kiselman again with exciting news related to the Office 2010 compatibility program and tools. We have many participants using and testing the Application Compatibility tools for Office 2010. Thus far we have received much feedback from the community and are making improvements to the tools as a result of that feedback….