Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 PDC Keynote in Depth


Kurt starts today's discussion with a quick conversation on the Business Productivity Infrastructure. If you know the Office and SharePoint environment well, this is probably something you've seen us discuss before.

It was at PDC08 when we announced that we will be releasing Office Web Applications that provide a high-fidelity & consistent experience for users who want to access and modify Office content in a browser, mobile device or the rich client. It was also at the last PDC that we announced that our Business Productivity Online Services were releasing giving our customers, partners and developer real choice of on-premises and Online. SharePoint Online is something that's real today. Customers like Aon Corporation, Aviva PLC, McDonald's Corporation, Tyco Flow Control, University of Ohio and many others, have chosen Microsoft Online Services in just the last few months. Our customer base spans consumers to small companies to large enterprises with over 500 Million Office client licenses and 100 Million SharePoint license WW. Over 17,000 customers have deployed SharePoint today.


With Office 2010 & SharePoint 2010, we are looking to provide even greater experiences across multiple devices with choice. Rich out-of-the-box capabilities from Enterprise Search to Collaboration to Business Intelligence social computing features, line of business integration and tooling investments. For developers, the 2010 wave will provide unprecedented opportunities. Our research shows that the SharePoint services opportunities alone for developers and partners is 5.6B and expected to grow to 6.1B in FY11. We've also seen hundreds of thousands of developers have worked with SharePoint the past year and we believe that will increase to over one million of developers over the next couple of the years. With this in mind, we're delivering a robust developer platform that you can build rich and engaging productivity solutions that can be accessed by any device and hosted on premises and the cloud.


Office and SharePoint provide many of the building blocks to build an array of applications including document processing, line-of-business front-ends, human workflows, reporting and analysis and .COM sites. In fact, on SharePoint 2007 alone, there are over 1,000 .COMs including brand names like Kraft, Volvo & Ferrari.


As you look across the spectrum of capability for Office and SharePoint 2010, you'll see that there is a tremendous amount of capability for developers building solutions. Office is frequently used as the front end to line of business processes and applications. And let's face it, if you're an information worker in an enterprise environments, and you are asked to use several of the 50 (on average) line of business systems present in an enterprise, it makes A LOT of sense to surface those things in Office. For end users, Office is an environment that is familiar. For Developers, Office is a way to accelerate the end user learning curve by a substantial amount. Multiplying that across the number of users in and systems / processes in play, the math points to giant savings for business applications.

As we've discussed in previous posts, new Access Services and Word Services of SharePoint 2010 are a significant extension to the SharePoint environment. Word Services offers a programmatic "Save As", enabling bulk document conversion for word formats using all of the formats supported by the client application, using the same rendering engine. Access Services provide huge governance benefits because they allow end users to upload and manage their Access solutions as SharePoint pages, rather than storing the data on the local machine.

There are several capability areas here that represent much power for developers. We'll break these down in more details in future posts.


As many have speculated, the Public Beta for Office and SharePoint are available today. is the link to visit to get started. Start with the Beta here:

More in a moment as the keynote unfolds.

We're making two other announcements today: Duet Enterprise for Microsoft SharePoint and SAP. The joint solution from SAP and Microsoft will enable interoperability between SAP applications and SharePoint 2010 and provide complete flexibility and extensibility to compose solutions that blend the worlds of process and collaboration. Duet Enterprise enables customers to generate more value from their investments by extending the reach of SAP to more users and expand the scope of SharePoint. Duet Enterprise offers highly efficient interoperability between SAP and SharePoint 2010 addressing the growing need for team collaboration, business insight and to boost personal and team productivity. Duet Enterprise empowers all employees to consume and extend SAP processes and information from Microsoft SharePoint and Office 2010.


Duet Enterprise is planned to deliver:

· A Foundation to enable interoperability between SAP and Microsoft SharePoint 2010

· Tools and services to support the composition of solutions that blend the worlds of process and collaboration

· Ready-to-use capabilities that provide immediate value for end users

We are also announcing the Outlook Social Connector. In doing so, we are bringing social networking to the place where people spend the majority of their work day - Outlook. OSC adds context to email for a richer user experience. It looks at your Inbox along with the rest of your Outlook data to bring you up to speed on all the latest messages, attachments, and meetings I've received from people in various social networks. The social connector also integrates personal and professional networking feeds from Windows Live and SharePoint 2010. You can see friends' activities and profile data from Windows Live, if someone updates their Space or uploads a document to SkyDrive, you'll see that. You will also see colleagues activities and profile data from SharePoint, if they make a mod to their MySite, you'll see that as well.


LinkedIn will be the first 3rd party network available to the OSC. We have been working with them to build a provider which will be available early next year. We're demoing the LinkedIn integration today. Perhaps the best news for developers, though, is that we are releasing an SDK on MSDN so that you can write providers for your own networks. This certainly adds a new dimension to Outlook, and will greatly enrich the value of social networks by providing the context of the work done in Outlook. Start at the Office developer center on MSDN to get the SDK. Update: the link to the OSC SDK will be here: hang loose as it will go live soon.


Today has been a very exciting day for us, and as we move forward, we'll have lots more to share. If you're here at PDC, stop by the Office booth and say hello. If you're not here at PDC, well, bummer you missed out on the free laptop, but as you can see much will evolve based on our announcements at the show.

 Update: Erika has blogged about Getting Started with Office 2010 development,and the newly launched Office Developer Center on MSDN.

(comments from before the keynote are below)


Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 will be featured as part of this morning's PDC09 keynote. It will be an exciting day. At this moment I'm sitting backstage, waiting for the festivities to begin. Kurt DelBene, the keynote speaker is through the preparations and is warming up back stage. Derek Burney is rehearsing demos. Lots of energy back here. Steven Sniofsky has just taken the stage.

During the keynote I'll be updating this post with new data. Stay tuned.

This photo is of Derek Burney during rehearsal. A very empty room at the time, now filled with thousands of developers.

As we get ready with final slide tweaks, demo run-throughs and all that, Stephen is discussing some of the aspects of Windows 7 Development, including SQM, WER and others. No surprise that Stephen is filled with interesting news and is great for the audience. This blurry photo is backstage at the show. We go on in about 45 minutes." 140

Right now folks are pretty excited because it was just announced that attendees will be given a free Acer multitouch laptop. Big applause. Steven just wrapped, and Scott Guthrie of Silverlight is on stage. I saw their demos during rehearsal yesterday, more awesome demos are about to unfold. As expected, ScottGu's keynote is wowing people. In his keynote Scott discussed that 45% of internet connected devices are Silverlight enabled. Quite a jump from the 33% reported earlier this year. Silverlight 4 was also announced, and Scott is walking through the new features now. Some interesting data points: Siemens medical imaging is using Silverlight for applications, Bloomberg has Silverlight installed on 300,000 terminals. Examples of NFL, Victoria's Secret, Netflix, NBC Olympics and others are on display. Very impressive.

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Just getting through the last of the Silverlight 4 demos. A very exciting presentation, to be sure. We're t-5 minutes to the stage. Lots of pacing.

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