I get your strategy, but where are you hosting your data?

With all the talk about Azure at PDC09 today, I cannot help but observe the inevitable language correction required to once again accommodate the technology lexicon.

"On-premise" vs. "On-Premises."

Many, many people are throwing the words around, as if they are interchangeable. Dictionary.com has the following definition for "premise"


If you are a stickler for accuracy, "premises" would be the correct term to refer to applications, data and services hosted at your local facility. Not that anyone is in a hurry to correct the language or anything. But if you're looking for a good way to say "I'm smarter than you"… this may just be the thing. For completeness, here's the dictionary.com version of "premises."


It's all in fun of course. But I wonder how long it will take the 2.a definition from Dictionary.com to migrate up to "Premise" based on its continued abuse J.

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