Office 2010 for Developers: Office Developer Conference moving to SharePoint Conference 2009

Want to get an in-depth look at Office 2010 for Developers? Want to see what 64-bit Office looks like? 


As you may have seen at PDC, TechEd or elsewhere, Office 2010 is on its way. To help you get ready, Office 2010 for Developers will be highlighted at the upcoming SharePoint Conference (October 2009, Las Vegas, NV) and TechEd conferences around the world in 2009 and 2010


NET: Office Developer Conference will not take place this year; instead we are including the Office Developer Conference content within the SharePoint Conference.  If you are an attendee of Office Developer Conference in the past, we strongly recommend you come see us at the SharePoint Conference in October, where we’ll cover Office client development in depth. Be sure to sign up for the Technical Preview as well!


We are optimizing our show presence for developers seeking opportunities to build on the Office platform, which includes Office client applications, SharePoint, Exchange and Communicator. By adding the ODC track to the 2009 SharePoint conference, we can provide better exposure to those seeking to develop solutions across the platform.


For more information on the SharePoint Conference contact, and for the PASS Summit Unite conference, please contact


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  1. GrayKnowlton says:

    @JohnTG, thank you! We completely agree.

    @Alex, today we don’t have a lot to announce, but stay tuned to this blog, I’ll post the session list and take Q&A on it here as we get closer to the show. If you are a developer of Office client solutions, however, you should be pretty well covered, let’s just say that much.

  2. JohnTG says:

    This is great news! I was wondering why you guys went quiet on ODC, but I’m happy to see that I can get SharePoint and Office at the same show. wOOt!

  3. alex says:

    Can you give us a preview of the show content please?

  4. sulumits retsambew says:

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  5. sulumits retsambew says:

    your article is very good nice post thank you, keep posting

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