VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) in Office 2007

OfficePalooza on MSDN 

Coming soon to a portal near you..

One of the things we spend time on in my group is education and awareness of various types of developer solutions available for Office. Today many people build solutions for Office. They range from complex line-of-business solutions where Office is the front end (we typically label those as "OBA" (Office Business Applications), all the way to automation tasks or recorded macros. We've launched a new home for those on Office Online, and we've created the OfficePalooza contest for the VBA warriors out there to strut their stuff.

Is this you? we'd love to see what you've got. Be sure to sign up to win the prizes!

I have attached a DAISY Talking book to this post for reading in http://www.buttercupreader.net/.



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