Microsoft Employees Give $87.7M to Charity in 2008

"On average, U.S. Microsoft employees contributed on average about $1,523 each -- counting the company match. That's based on a U.S. work force of 57,588 as of Dec. 31."

A lot of people @Microsoft are very proud of this number, including me. I am one of these contributors. I am a believer in giving back to the community. For a lot of personal reasons, I believe in providing the support to help people go further in their lives and to exceed their circumstances. Among the many great benefits of Working at Microsoft, this one is something that every person I work with is committed to. While Jeff Raikes was still leading our division, he was one in particular who stressed the importance and benefit of supporting various causes and activities.

The recognition is nice, and thanks to Seattle Times for the pick-up.

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