Advertising for two blogs that I read

Dealing with Product Management for both IT Professionals and Developers for Office requires a lot of brain food. I have to do a lot of reading to keep current on the interop discussion, the state of app virtualization, developer tools, solution profiles, etc. I read a lot of trade press and blogs, mining for the nuggets that are useable.

There are two blogs I read and would like to share for the folks that read what I have to say. The Interoperability@Microsoft blog is a good place to learn about the activities we're investing across the company. Particularly for the folks who are a little skeptical about the breadth and depth of activity that we're driving, it's a good view of how much we're doing. (

The other is Office Labs. I point this out here to stretch the fabric a bit for folks who live in the world of standards & interop. If you know a little about Office, you'll know that we've been at the business productivity game for 20 years or so, and have contributed a little bit to the way that people work. The number of products that choose "Times New Roman" as their default font "Because Word does" is a great example of how deep the impact is and continues to be. Office Labs is at the leading edge of innovation for some areas of the product. I keep an eye out for what these folks are up to. (

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