Rested, relaxed

It's a pretty rare opportunity to have an entire month away from work. I was getting acquainted to our new family member, taking care of various chores. My lawn never looked so good… a month is a long time. I've improved my skills at caulking, miter cuts, plumbing, gardening, weed trimming and a bunch of other useful areas. I must admit it was very hard driving into work today. I am excited to be back, but I will miss mornings with baby. You get a little spoiled with an opportunity like this, I'm grateful for having the time off.

I'm back now. Since I spent (literally) zero time on Open XML, Office, Microsoft or anything else, I'm sure it'll take a bit of time to get re-acquainted with my job and my team. This morning I have 3500 unread emails, 30MB of updates to install, 5 meetings, and a lot of faces to find in the hallways. It's going to be a busy month gearing up for TechEd 2008 in Orlando.

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