ODF Editor Endorses Open XML

"I recommend approval of DIS29500 as an ISO standard."- Patrick Durusau

Mr. Patrick Durusau has again commented on Open XML. It is great to see at least part of the ODF camp coming around to consensus on a point which I've been saying for a while (a lot of people have been saying). Ratifying Open XML means giving a voice to the international community in the development of the standard, at least more so than with Ecma. Microsoft has one vote in Ecma TC-45, just like everyone else. But within ISO, "Microsoft" does not exist; ISO is represented by countries.


I fear that the vocal minority will crucify Patrick for saying such a thing. As I have commented before, supporting one standard does not require opposing the other. The Bush-ian "You're either with us or against us" mentality is a difficult one to appreciate, given the multitude of document formats in use by every product today. It is great to see Patrick supporting DIS29500, and people who are truly interested in seeing Microsoft become more open should follow suit.

I agree that DIS29500 should be ratified as an ISO standard.

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