Breaking down the 4th wall; the typical end of year fun

Winding down the year causes a variety of reactions from people. Some (like me) have a mild panic when they realize another year has ticked by on the calendar, wondering how they managed to fill all that time between the things they didn’t do this year. Realizing that they must have had a birthday at…


Gartner: Open XML “would have been a better choice than ODF as the single standard”

Gartner has published a report about document format standards. They have pointed out a number of key challenges related to document format standards, and illustrate clearly some of the issues that remain from the Open XML and ODF ratification waves. This report offers several interesting conclusions about the utilization of document formats and exactly how…


Interesting adoption data for Open XML and ODF

I recall this Rob Weir post. “Now we shouldn’t be so careless as to say that there are only 2,000 OOXML document in existence, or for that matter only 160,000 ODF documents. Not all documents are posted on the web. In fact, most of them are sitting on hard drives, in mail files, behind corporate…


Moving the Ball Forward on Interoperability

Just referring back to our interoperability principles for a moment, and the ongoing commitment to them. EMC Corporation, IBM and Microsoft today announced a jointly developed specification which uses Web Services and Web 2.0 interfaces to enable applications to interoperate with multiple Enterprise Content Management (ECM) repositories of different vendors. CMIS is a technical specification…



It was pointed out to me today that some folks were unable to comment on the material. I was ‘tuning’ the site recently and probably was the cause of that, please accept my apologies. It should be working now!

Document Encryption in Office 2007 with Open XML

I was asked recently to comment on “security” of Office 2007. Conversations like this tend to unfold in a certain way… which is to play a fun game of Technology-Tennis, where we volley questions back and forth until we get at the root of the thing… although I’ve never understood why the grunting is necessary….


Redmond ODF workshop feels pretty good

You’ll see some blog traffic on this, so I thought I’d throw my own log onto the fire. I attended the ODF workshop yesterday, mainly to sit in the back and watch how things unfolded, but also to learn a little bit myself. I must say that after the conclusion of the event, I was…


Regarding the future of Open XML

As I troll the blogosphere and reporting on Open XML and ODF, I notice a question has surfaced regarding the future of Open XML that is probably worth addressing. Many have asked or speculated that the recent announcement of ODF in Service Pack 2 is an indication that Microsoft is quietly stepping away from Open…


PowerPoint Producer 2007 Beta

Today we will release the beta version of Microsoft Producer for Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 via our Connect site. This version of Producer works with PowerPoint 2007, Windows Vista, and IE7, and is also compatible with Open XML. This is a long-awaited add-in for many customers, we’re happy to be on the final path to…


Microsoft adds “Save as ODF” to Office 2007 Service Pack 2

Updated. April 28, 2009. Office 2007 SP2 is available for download. For more information:  For those of you who have been following the file format issue for a while, you’ll recognize today’s action by Microsoft as another significant step forward in enabling interoperability. This hopefully sends a signal (again) to our customers that we…