Thank you and farewell.

May 30th will be my last day at Microsoft. I appreciate Microsoft so much, and I hold the company in very high regard. The experiences I have had here I couldn't have had anywhere. After almost 10 years, I will change industries and roles, and relocate my family to a new region. I am very…

A comment about September and October 2013 Patch Tuesday

Given our challenges with September I thought a comment about our preparation for the October release appropriate. Update: Details about the release and its contents have been published to the Office Updates blog. September caused us to spend time examining some of the processes we’re using for updates. We have made adjustments to our pre-release procedures…


Today is Patch Tuesday

Taking a departure from my promised post on C2R for a minute to celebrate the passing of another Patch Tuesday.   A term recognized across the IT industry is “Patch Tuesday.” I’m hopeful this post will remind folks about Patch Tuesday stuff they already know, and hopefully to ring the bell of “common sense.” Unfortunately Patch…

How Office Updates – The Basics

Our Update Strategy Today Before we get into the considerations of release cadence and Service Compatibility, it is probably good to start at the beginning. I find these posts are always useful as a digest to initiate the new users, and to refresh those who haven’t visited this subject in a while. A myth defrag…


Office Updates: Weighing Currency vs. Cadence

Customers give us a lot of feedback. We depend on that feedback to improve the quality of our products. Since I joined our release management team 3 years ago, we have been operating with a mantra that our updates will improve the quality of the product over time. We continuously strive to make the product…


3 years later

I’m back to blog some more. This time about Office Updates. Posts to roll soon.


RSA: What Motivates Us

This is a great video for aspiring managers. Excellent production as well.  [View:]

A Company of One

I may have hit a chord with the management theme last week, lots of offline feedback on that post. I’ll post on the topic again to see if I can turn a data point into a trend. At Microsoft we have a competency called “Cross-group Collaboration” which is used to illustrate the degree to which…


Office Round-up

Tossing up a few useful links and a few random comments to go along with it. BPOS Customers can now view service status through a new dashboard. An RSS feed is also available. Mac Office will Arrive on October 26th. Office 2011 is a fine product. We changed some of the licensing terms for Business…


How to present to an executive

Taking a left turn for a moment on the software talk. I’m at a point where I have to vent on a topic, and no better place to do it than to the anonymous reader. For some reason I’ve been in a lot of these lately (usually the presenter or I am needed for some…