Beginning: I got 99 problems and the cloud ain't one……….

 Keep Calm and Use CloudWelcome to the inaugural post of the It’s Cloudy with a Chance of….. Blog.   This blog is going to be focused on using and deploying Microsoft’s cloud technology with State and Local Government customers in mind.  Every customer segment presents unique decision points around moving to the cloud.  State and Local Government customers often face a long list of topics and processes to consider before any technology decision.  Our goal is to being to bring many of those to light through this blog with a mix of business and technical posts.  At the end of the day we hope this blog will act as a resource for both business and technical decision makers as they begin or continue their journey to the cloud.  The 2 primary authors of the blog are Dennis Guzy and Jorge Diaz.  We will also, at times, invite other members of our State and Local Government team and even some members of the Microsoft Partner community to guest author .  Thanks for stopping by and allowing us to provide you some insights to consider as you look to leverage Microsoft’s cloud technologies.

About the Authors

 As members of the State and Local Government team for Microsoft myself and fellow blog author Jorge Diaz work with Government agencies of all sizes.  Our mission is to bring the questions, issues and talking points we hear from those customers into our posts here.

Dennis Guzy is a Senior Government Cloud Strategist for Microsoft.  Born and raised in Philadelphia and eventually transplanted to Harrisburg, PA.  He spent almost 10 years in state government work for the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General where he managed their Business Integration group.  He joined Microsoft in 2007 as a SharePoint Technical specialist.  He has a strong background on all things technical with a specific focus on Information management policies and procedures for legal and Law enforcement. 

Jorge Diaz is a Government Technical Strategist for Microsoft. Prior to joining Microsoft he was an Office 365 MVP and the lead architect for designing and deploying large scale, complex Office 365 migrations since the inception of Office 365. He designed and deployed one of the first early adopters in the government space. He also has written articles for Windows IT Pro magazine and was a technical editor for multiple Office 365 books and training guides. He has a strong background in designing Office 365 solutions for extremely large and complex government specializing in multi-agency, highly available solutions. 


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