P2V with SCVMM – a quick tip

System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) has been offering a relatively simple way of doing physical-to-virtual migrations (P2V) for a while. You just click on the “Convert Physical Server” icon and off you go. Despite the name, it also works with client target machines. It’s simple, if you do some preparation work before. In fact,…


Turning hyper-v on and off

I use hyper-v on my laptop. When I know I don’t need VMs for the day, I can squeeze a bit more performance out of the machine by turning hyper-v off with: bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype off and a reboot. To turn it back on: bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype on (or auto start) and reboot.


What is new in virtualization with Windows Server 2008 R2?

There are some quite interesting improvements in Windows Server 2008 R2 (what was wrong with W7 as a name?) that help us progress toward a dynamic infrastructure. Three of them are worthy of highlighting: live migration of virtual machines in hyper-v, cluster shared volumes and core parking. 1. Live Migration Live migration refers to the…


Upgrading from an evaluation version

I have received a few questions about upgrades from the evaluation version that you can download from microsoft.com/hpc to a full version. The good news is that the evaluation version is fully functional, so you won’t need a complete re-installation. The only thing you need to do is obtain a full licence key, then: -…


A Hybrid OS Cluster Solution

Thomas Varlet, of Microsoft France, and Dr. Patrice Calegari, of BULL SAS, have written an excellent paper on how to build hybrid clusters, i.e. clusters where 2 or more operating systems can be run at the same time. It is recommended reading, in my opinion, for those of us who use both Linux and Windows…


Infiniband on HPC Server 2008 – again

After I published a document about the installation of Mellanox Infiniband on Server 2008, I have received some good feedback that deserves sharing. Note that: The WinIB 1.4 beta available for download today on Mellanox’s web site does not work with the HPC Server 2008 March CTP. We are working with Mellanox to fix that….


HPC Server 2008 webcasts – again!

Hello again, I’ll be doing a series of webcasts soon, hopefully on the feature-complete beta 2 of HPC Server 2008. They will be mostly demonstrations, with a few slides for those concepts that are not evident in the software. Here is the schedule (all times are PST): – 5/9/2008 08:00 AM: Windows HPC Server 2008:…


Mellanox Infiniband on HPC Server 2008

One would assume that Infiniband on Windows is just going to be as easy as any other plug and play device installation. Well, in some cases it is. When you have some old cards and an old switch, no documentation, both not supported any longer and in an unknown state, it may not be! I…


Hyper-V and Server 2008 RTM

With general availability of Windows Server 2008 Microsoft ships the beta 1 release of Windows Virtualization or Hyper-V (aka. Viridian). Customers, partners, developers, IT Professionals, everyone buying a copy of Windows Server 2008 will have the opportunity to test drive the Microsoft hypervisor Hyper-V. The version of Hyper-V included in the RTM build of Windows…


Windows Server 2008 High-Availability Clusters

It is no secret that  HPC Server 2008 will offer the option to make the head node of a HPC cluster highly available. This feature is not in beta 1, but it is being developed. It will exploit fail-over mechanisms provided by Server 2008 (enterprise edition or better), so I thought I’d mention some highlights…