Mellanox Infiniband on HPC Server 2008

One would assume that Infiniband on Windows is just going to be as easy as any other plug and play device installation. Well, in some cases it is. When you have some old cards and an old switch, no documentation, both not supported any longer and in an unknown state, it may not be! I…


HPC "Jumpstart" in Washington DC

We’re organizing a 1-day introduction to Windows HPC Server 2008 in Washington, DC on March 18th 2008. This will be followed¬† by a 1-day "hpc clinic", where you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your particular project with us. For more information and registration, please see Powered by Qumana


Hyper-V and Server 2008 RTM

With general availability of Windows Server 2008 Microsoft ships the beta 1 release of Windows Virtualization or Hyper-V (aka. Viridian). Customers, partners, developers, IT Professionals, everyone buying a copy of Windows Server 2008 will have the opportunity to test drive the Microsoft hypervisor Hyper-V. The version of Hyper-V included in the RTM build of Windows…


HPC Server 2008 screencasts available

I had promised that I would do a series of screencasts illustrating different aspects of HPC Server 2008. Well, here they are: The first two on deployment and job submission have been posted. The rest will come soon. They correspond to the exercises described in the document I posted here: Demo instruction from HPC…


Windows Server 2008 High-Availability Clusters

It is no secret that  HPC Server 2008 will offer the option to make the head node of a HPC cluster highly available. This feature is not in beta 1, but it is being developed. It will exploit fail-over mechanisms provided by Server 2008 (enterprise edition or better), so I thought I’d mention some highlights…


HPC Server 2008 webcasts

My introductory demo / webcast on HPC Server 2008 beta 1 has been recorded. It can now be viewed here. I have received feedback from several people about it, requesting instructions to build the virtual machines I used and to repeat the demos. Hence, I have written a short document that will guide you through…