Windows HPC Server 2008 Webcast

Want to find out what’s new in Windows HPC Server 2008 and what exactly is “High Productivity Computing”?Join usfor an exciting look into Windows HPC Server 2008.  We’ll take you on a tour of this new version of Windows Compute Cluster Server, highlighting the major advancements in deployment, management , interoperability and scheduling.  We promise…


HPC in Action – Bioinformatics

Ever played with the “game of life”? Well, here’s an example of the real thing: HPC used to study evolution and cellular dynamics. Bioinformatics is an interesting – if unusual – field of application. Computation and visualization go hand in hand, as one is required to make sense of the other. In this video you’ll see…


Dual-boot Linux and HPC Server 2008

In the past few weeks I had the pleasure of working with UGS, a division of Siemens that develops engineering product lifecycle management solutions. They were looking for a way to dual-boot an existing Linux cluster into Windows. The process we came up with is summarized here. It is work in progress, so if you…


Windows HPC Server 2008

The software previously known as Compute Cluster Server v2 is now available in beta 1 on HPC Server 2008 contains some pretty significant innovations. I’ll summarize them here and then produce some more detailed entries on each of them. Also check out the videos about v2 on, (mostly) courtesy of yours truly 🙂…


Windows HPC Server 2008 Training in Redmond

The second workshop of the series is happening in Redmond on December 4th and 5th. The event is open to customers and partners with previous experience of HPC. It is meant as an introduction to our second foray into HPC land. There’s plenty of new and improved material to keep you interested! You can find…


Edge – for IT Pros

Check it out! The new IT Pro community site: a place where you can hear it from the horse’s mouth and talk back to the horse 🙂


The Edge is Near!

It’s coming! Be prepared, for HPC will be on it :-)! Stay tuned.  


Compute Cluster Server v2 Training in Munich

We are kicking off our Compute Cluster v2 training in Munich, Germany, on November 19th-20th. The event is open to European partners and customers with previous experience of HPC. We will concentrate on CCS v2 features and provide hands-on labs on those that are available in the current pre-release software. This event will be the…


Gaming and HPC?

Did you think that High Performance Computing was boring? Well, think again: we spent most of our time last week on a videogame 🙂 At our last HPC Lab we had CCP Games, maker (and hoster) of Eve-Online (, a massive multi-player online game set in a fictional but extremely realistic universe. CCP has more…


Which topology?

When you set up a Microsoft compute cluster, you have a choice of five supported network topologies:1. All nodes on public network only2. All nodes on public and private network3. Compute nodes isolated on private network 4. All nodes on public, private and MPI networks5. Compute nodes isolated on private and MPI networksWhich one is…