App-V 4.6: Oldie but Goodie! Using URL Shortcuts to Simply User Experience when Running Virtualized IE Plug-ins (Plus a Bonus Tip!!)

We know how to bring Internet Explorer into the App-V bubble. It’s as simple as creating a special shortcut that points to an OSD file that allows the local instance of Internet Explorer to interact inside the virtual bubble of an App-V package ( – But there has always been the issue of ensuring the…


App-V: Beyond Trust unable to Trigger SFTTRAY /REFRESHALL under different user context

I recently dealt with an issue where a customer had several machines attempting to perform a non-interactive DC Refresh via a third-party program. This program called Beyond Trust was failing with the following error in the SFTLOG.TXT: [03/23/2011 13:52:50:127 SRVC ERR] {tid=1654:usr=steveth}Failed to open connecting process handle to track process termination (PID 7604, error 5)….


Yes, Trusteer Rapport does break App-V

You may have encountered problem with slow logons, slow startups, and slow access to applications when using App-V in conjunction with security software known as Trusteer Rapport. The Trusteer Rapport issue is timing related. It also appears to have a signficant effect on Windows XP machines (since the App-V Client service cannot be set to…


The Case of the Three Second Delay (a.k.a What is SFTDDE?)

A while back I encountered an issue that forced me to become introduced to the DDE Launcher used by App-V (SFTDDE.)  A customer was encountering an issue where, no matter how much they tuned their terminal servers, even with pre-cached virtual applications; Office applications appeared to always have a three second delay when they double-clicked…