App-V: Refresh “On-login” and Slow Startups in Windows 7

When you configure App-V’s desktop configuration refresh feature (i.e. DC Refresh, Publishing/Refresh) you have the option of setting this to occur “on login” and/or using a periodic interval. This configuration can be controlled at the client end or, in the case of an environment using the traditional App-V management server environment, can also be controlled…

App-V: Beyond Trust unable to Trigger SFTTRAY /REFRESHALL under different user context

I recently dealt with an issue where a customer had several machines attempting to perform a non-interactive DC Refresh via a third-party program. This program called Beyond Trust was failing with the following error in the SFTLOG.TXT: [03/23/2011 13:52:50:127 SRVC ERR] {tid=1654:usr=steveth}Failed to open connecting process handle to track process termination (PID 7604, error 5)….