MCS is Hiring: Especially in Virtualization!

Microsoft Consulting Services is sponsoring a career webinar on Tuesday 5/21 from 5:00pm – 6:00pm Central time.  This event is free of charge and is targeted towards potential delivery candidates.  We are focusing on Identity Management, Desktop Delivery and Virtualizationhowever all strong delivery candidates will be considered and welcome to attend (Engagement Managers, Sales, Program…

On the Art of Troubleshooting App-V Applications

Lately I have been dealing with the big challenge of teaching something that I have become to know as more of an art than a science. That is, the troubleshooting of virtual applications not functioning correctly in App-V. I have seen many articles that walk through how someone was able to figure out why one…


Running a MED-V application that depends on presence may not properly show presence when hovering over it in the System Tray

Let’s review some basic information about how MED-V: The way MED-V V2 works is the Windows 7 host machine connects to the Guest Virtual PC through an RDP-style connection. This basically turns the Windows XP Virtual PC into a mini-RDP server. This must always be in the back of your mind while you test your…


Bringing Legacy Blog Back to Cover Legacy Products

Just about a year ago, I moved all new posts over to In spite of that, this blog still continues to get much attention due to a lot of the existing content proving to be very useful for users. For that I am extremely happy to help and it recently gave me an idea….