SCVMM 2008 R2: VMM Service Crash with UnauthorizedAccessException while Gathering Information on the Source Machine

Symptoms When click clicking “SCAN SYSTEM” in the SCVMM P2V (Physical to Virtual) conversion wizard, the following error occurs: “The connection to the Virtual Machine Manager server <SERVERNAME> was lost.”  The job results will show the following error:  “Error 1700” “The Virtual Machine Manager service on the <HOSTNAME> server stopped while this job was running….


Decommissioned or Unreachable Domains: How the App-V 4.5 Management Server handles them differently from Softgrid 4.1 Virtual Application Servers

Here is the scenario: You are leveraging an App-V Management Server that will be assigning groups from trusted domains to applications and/or provider policies. Often there are organizational changes (mergers, spin-offs, domain flattening, etc.) that will warrant domains going offline or trust removals with the current domain for which the App-V management Server belongs. How…


The Default Block Size of 64KB in App-V 4.6 and Later may Cause Slow Streaming with Certain Network Configurations

Starting with the 4.6 sequencer, the default block size for sequenced packages was changed to 64K. In addition, the option to adjust this was removed from the sequencer. The block size used to be an issue when the network bandwidth was limited and large blocks could not be transferred. Now with more robust networks in…


Troubleshooting MED-V V2 Workspace Authentication

One feature introduced into MED-V v2 is the option to allow a seamless authentication experience for the user if desired. While MED-V v1 allowed for the synchronization of the MED-V Client credentials with the user account inside the MED-V guest workspace operation system, some users wanted a more seamless experience that allowed a single sign-on…


App-V: Intermittent DC Refresh and/or Launch Failures may be tied to Intermittent SQL Connectivity

DC Refreshes and Application Launches may fail intermittently in the case of an unstable SQL Server connection. This can happen when the threshold for connectivity to overall service connectivity to SQL has not been reached but the authentication and/or authorization of a user actually timed out on the back end connection to SQL.In essence, overall…


SCVMM: Creating a New Template from a Virtual Machine with a Differencing Disk will copy only the differencing disk without the Parent Disk

If you use a Virtual Machine as the basis for a template in System Center Virtual machine Manager 2008 or 2008 R2, do not use one that usesa differencing disk. If this happens, it will break the disk chain for the destination virtual machine and will remove the parent disk. The end result will be…


App-V: Arithmetic Overflow Error (0000B065) when Running System Utilization Report

Administrators can use the System Utilization Report to graph the total daily system usage. You can use this report to determine the load on your App-V Server. This report tracks the usage over time during the reporting period for the specified server or for the server group. The System Utilization Report also graphs the following…


A Visual Studio 2008 Package Sequenced with Microsoft Application Virtualization may not Function Properly after Upgrading to Visual Studio Service Pack 1

Symptoms: If you open a Visual Studio 2008 package for upgrade (or simply upgrade in the 4.6 SP1 sequencer) and upgrade the package to Visual Studio Service pack 1, it may fail to function properly on the App-V Client. Cause: This is caused by the Visual Studio SP1 installer setting a reparse point for key…


Use the MOFCOMP Utility to fix MED-V Error 7006

A WMI feature of MED-V v2 lets you configure your environment to detect certain network changes that might occur after MED-V workspaces are deployed and that can affect MED-V. The feature includes a component running in the guest operating system that is notified of network configuration changes on the host computer. It allows a non-Microsoft…


MED-V 1.0: Unhandled Exception when running the VM Prerequisite Wizard

If you are still using MED-V v1, you may run into this issue when you are running the VM pre-requisites utility on the Windows XP image: “Unhandled exception has occured in your application. If you click Continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. if you click Quit, the application will close…