Recent App-V Case Studies

Internally, I was recently asked if I had any examples of recent App-V Case Studies that other potential App-V customers could view. Many case studies have previously been mentioned on the legacy App-V team blog but those were for older versions of the product. Many of our customers are looking to find examples of App-V 5 and later deployments from various customers and that can be sometimes difficult navigating via the web. I maintain a list for myself and I thought I would share it out for other customers who may also appreciate these.

Walsh Construction [2015]

App-V was a part of a larger 2003 retirement where it was used for lifting and shifting RDSH apps to 2012 R2.

Helena Montana Public Schools – Education  [2016]

App-V was part of a Windows 10/Office365 deployment where App-V was leveraged as the default delivery format for end-user student devices.

IGate – Service Provider [2015]

A global service provider leveraged SCCM/App-V Integration to deliver all application formats under a “single pane of glass” console.

Humbolt State University - Education [2014]

Another example of App-V and MDOP increases productivity and ease of application management in the Education sector. App-V helped to reduce costs and simplify application customization.

Hellenic Petroleum – Oil and Gas [2014]

A great example of the use of SCCM/App-V Integration in the Oil and Gas space to limit footprints of older applications to streaming to only those users who absolutely need them.

UT-San Antonio – Education [2015]

UTSA leveraged App-V as part of a full Microsoft Virtualization Stack implementation.

You may have noticed that many of the examples I cited were from the Education sector. That is not by accident as App-V continues to be a very popular fit in this space – particularly in environments where application asset and lifecycle management is crucial and often difficult.

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