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Normally I do not use this space to advertise books except in the case of two exceptions: If it is a free e-book and is relevant, I will definitely recommend it - otherwise - it had better be good. After reading his first book on the Windows Azure platform, I was very happy to hear that Tejaswi Redkar has come out with a book on rapidly ramping on and deploying Windows Azure Websites - especially given the fact that this is one of the top use cases for moving to the cloud with Windows Azure. Yes, I am using this space to give a shameless plug for this fantastic book.

Do you want to know everything about the fastest growing service in Windows Azure? Do you want to build your own websites in minutes in literally automate EVERYTHING! Are you building a mobile application and need to ensure availability and reliability by implementing an always-on web service? Is your organization working on a cloud strategy?

The book is available in both 21st (e-book) and 20th century (paper) formats!

I first met Tejaswi during the Fall of 2010. He was an Architect and I was a Support Escalation Engineer. I was wading through future private cloud scenarios and he was educating us all on public cloud scenarios. We were both at an internal Microsoft conference up in Bellevue and he was taking me to school left and right on Microsoft Cloud technologies as he was already deep inside many things that neither of us could talk publicly about at the time. As more of a user of Azure (for my personal and day-to-day operations) I find myself on the end of many questions relating to Azure where I can shed light on my personal experiences, but not actually claim to be an expert. I reference Tejaswi's books often as great starting points.

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