Refreshing my Windows Store Applications

If you are like me you may be doing a lot of reimaging for Windows 8.1 now that is has become generally available. If you are also like me, you have installed Windows 8 on multiple devices and sign in with the same Microsoft Account. In case you did not already know, here is how you can easily re-find all of your Windows store applications without having to go through an search for all of them again. You can reload all of your Windows Store "Modern UI" applications simply by logging onto the same Microsoft account. All of the applications you have already installed in your other devices that use the same Microsoft Account are tagged to your account to simplify reloading. So to quickly refresh all of you Windows store-based (modern) applications:


1. Open the Microsoft Store Application from the Start Screen.

2. Bring up the Application Menu by simply just right-clicking.

3. Select Your Applications and Install!

It's as simple as that! 

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