MED-V V2: Using the CTRL-ALT-Pause Key Combination to Access Hidden Dialog boxes in MED-V

If you are experiencing issues with MED-V published applications or startup programs such as:

  • Hidden dialogs (intentional or unintentional)
  • Pop-up or child windows not displaying correctly
  • Bubble notifications

You may notice that some of those issues are resolved with many known fixes in Windows 7. Additional Recommended Updates for MED-V 2.0 that Address Application Issues

Even with the fixes in place, you may notice there are still some application dialogs that are opened in an application running in the guest but are hidden from the user and will prevent the user from interacting with the application. When this happens, use the following workaround to troubleshoot/facilitate use:

  • Open a MED-V application on the desktop or select an active application
  • Use the following key combination CTRL+ALT+Pause

To return back to the MED-V Experience use the same key combination.

This allows you to get to the MED-V workspace desktop and see all open dialogs and applications.

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