Split and Unpivot Comma-Separated Values

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  1. Imke Feldmann says:

    What a nice journey – great storytelling – cannot remember a better reasoning to learn some M-code 🙂

    Your splitter-function has a very powerful companion: Splitter.SplitTextByAnyDelimiter. The additional "Any" will enable you to split fields by many different delimiters.

    You type them in like in your example and simply separate them by commas. Finally wrapping them in curly brackets which transforms them into a list: Splitter.SplitTextByAnyDelimiter({",", ";", "-"})

    Candidate for the 2nd most coolest PQ-feature in my eyes 🙂

  2. Judy Pierce says:

    Use this a lot at the library and this will help me a lot in my obituaries that I am doing

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