Unpivot ANY nested table and load to Power BI Desktop

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  1. James Phillips says:

    Nice! thanks for sharing this.

  2. bala says:

    Hi Thanks for the comments

    I have a Excel Master data that has columns as below how do you do a transform so I can PLot data by Month in a Graph

    Activity| Jan Plan |Jan LBE|Jan New$|Feb Plan | Feb LBE
    Meeting | 10K| 12K|2K|45K|34K|65K

  3. Gil Raviv says:

    Hi Bala,
    You can apply Unpivot Other Columns on the first column. This will flatten all the other columns. In Attribute column you have: Jan Plan, Jan LBR, …, In Value you have the numbers. You can now split the Attribute column by space as a separator, and rename
    Attribute.1 to Month, and Attribute.2 to Plan/LBE/NEW$. If my comment is not clear, please submit the question in TechNet Power Query forum, and I will provide a detailed answer.

  4. TKH says:

    Thanks for sharing! Thumbs up.

  5. This is great stuff thanx for sharing! Keep them coming…

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