Sentiment Analysis in Power BI & Excel

I have recently published interesting articles on Sentiment Analysis in Power BI. Read more here:


Power Query List.Accumulate, List.Generate, Matrix Multiplication and Nested Loops

In case you missed my blog, I have three new useful articles for you: Learn how to unleash the potential of Power Query List.Accumulate and List.Generate in two new blog posts on – here and here. If you are familiar with Matrix Multiplication in Excel using MMULT, you can learn how to better implement matrix multiplication…


Facebook Insights, Excel, Power BI, Presidential Election & Ghostbusters

Hi everyone. For some reason, I can still blog here. Which is great, because you get to see this "message in a bottle". In case you are familiar with my blog on TechNet, and haven't follow me yet on, it is time to do so – Especially if you are curious about Microsoft latest…


Facebook Page Insights with Power BI Dekstop

It appears that I still have permissions to blog here 🙂 Hello everyone. I have posted a new tutorial here – Create a dashboard of Facebook page Insights, and analyze competing brands.


Good bye TechNet, hello Data Chant

This is my last post here on TechNet, as I am leaving Microsoft this week, and move to Chicago. You can read my farewell post here, (and on the way, get links to a great resource to pull data from LinkedIn and build competitive analysis dashboard in Excel). Please continue following this blog, our team will…


Star Wars – The Power (BI) Awakens

Are you a Power BI Jedi and Star Wars fan? I published a blogpost on that will help you building awesome dashboards based on Star Wars characters data. Enjoy 🙂


My Calendar Insights In Excel 2016

Just a short update on a new series of blogposts that I started on The new series here will walk you through the new My Calendar Insights template in Excel 2016. This is going to be very useful series. I promise 🙂


Use VBA to enable Fast Combine in Excel 2016

As some of you probably know, in Excel 2016 we have added new Object Model interfaces to light up automation scenarios with queries (aka Power Query). The new interfaces are described here and you can download a workbook sample that demonstrates all load flows here. Today I am happy to share with you a new interface that…