Part 2 – I used to do it this way… Now how do I do it? Administering Exchange 2003 vs. Exchange 2007

To return to part 1 click here Synchronizing Public Folder hierarchy replication in 2003 vs. 2007 In Exchange 2003 Service Pack 2 (SP2), you used the Synchronize Hierarchy command to synchronize the public folder hierarchy on an Exchange 2003 server with the other servers in your organization.  In the ESM you would right click on…


Microsoft Video: Your Digital Lifestyle

I first saw this nearly a year ago?  Almost every person I know who has seen this thinks that this should be one of our TV commercials.  It shows how our products all work together and how this company is in people’s life.  I like it.  Maybe you will as well.

Preparing your AD for Exchange 2007 SP1

There are a number of switches that can be used for getting the Active Directory ready for the installation of Exchange 2007.  The switches for preparing the AD can be found at As you can see they are: /PrepareLegacyExchangePermissions or /pl /PrepareSchema or /ps /PrepareAD or /p /PrepareDomain or /pd /PrepareAllDomains or /pad Why…


Exchange 2007 SP1 on Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008?

After spending some time thinking about the question regarding whether you should deploy Exchange 2007 SP1 on Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008, I decided to do some more research on it.  I came up with the table below and I am including the public sources of my information as well.  In short, using…