You Don’t Have to be Running a 64bit OS to Extend the Schema for Exchange 2007

Whew!  You finally got Exchange 5.5 out of the picture and are now are focused on getting Exchange 2007 into your environment.  You have taken a good hard look at How to Prepare Active Directory and Domains and are sure that you are ready to prepare the AD for Exchange.  But...  You don't have a single Windows machine running x64.  You have read all of the warnings on running the 32-bit version Exchange 2007 in production.  You aren't looking to install Exchange, just prepare the schema.  Can you use the 32-bit version for that?

Yes, you can.  There are two instances in which you can use the 32-bit code in production and this is one of them.  Specifically, at Exchange Server 2007- Platforms, Editions, and Versions you will find:

"You can use the 32-bit version in production to extend your Active Directory directory service schema."

Interestingly, Scott Schnoll's mentions more about this on his blog: Exchange 2007: Platforms, Editions, Product Keys and Versions.  If you notice the similarities between the two articles with the similar titles, that might be because Scott is a Technical Writer for the Exchange team.  🙂 

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