Updated DST 2007 Information

Today, Microsoft posted some much awaited information about the steps that will be necessary for Exchange Server, the Operating System, Windows Mobile, and Outlook clients.  You can find it here:

The good news is that Windows Vista, Outlook 2007, and Exchange 2007 have the fixes in them.
The bad news is that chances are that you are not running any of those... 

The good news is that if you are running Exchange 2003 SP2 you can get a fix...  Soon.
The bad news is that if you are running Exchange 2003 SP1... you will need to go to SP2.  Ok, that probably is good news.
But...  If you have been holding off on installing some fixes because of the "Send As" changes, well...  We updated the store.exe on this fix and it includes the "Send As" fix, so you are going to want to get your users configured correctly if you haven't yet already.  See http://support.microsoft.com/kb/912918/en-us for more information.

I kid about this because it is going to probably hurt.  I know that this will be somewhat painful for some of our larger customers.  Fortunately, it looks like the product groups have done some good work in getting this information together.  Please take a look at the first article for steps on how to make this as smooth as possible.

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  1. Milan,  Very funny…  

  2. Heh.  Oh you were serious…  🙂  Sorry about that.  Yes the Outlook tool patch has been called V2, but we don’t like to call it V2 because it really is a patch.  You still need to install the original tool and then patch it.  You also need to think about it as a patch: "Do I need to install this patch?".  If not, then the original one is good.

  3. I can’t comment on what is in the update that you have purchased, but the 2003 CDO is similar to a rollup.  It will not fix any currently incorrect calendar items so you would still need to update the calendar items. The tool you reference is now available at http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=930879

  4. Milan says:

    We have purchased the DST 2007 bundle update for Windows2000/Exchange 2000 and have a few questions. Does the Exchange 2000 executable update contain the CDO file only? If that is the case then we have to wait for the Exchange Time Zone Update Tool. Is this assumption correct?

  5. Milan says:

    Now that we have all the peices of the puzzle, Windows 2000 patch, exchange 2000 patch, Outlook update tool, and exchange update tool, we started testing the exchange tool this week and it is difficult to say the least. With 5000 users spread over 4 exchange servers, we are frantic trying to put together a strategy that will create the least bit of chaos!

  6. Milan says:

    Will there be an Exchange Timezone Update tool V3 released next week?

  7. Milan says:

    I only asked that question because the rumor started on the msexchangeteam blog that there would be a V3 of the exchange wrapper but in reality it ws the outlook tool hotfix. We ran som etests this morning in our lab and were impressed with the speed of all the latest tools.

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