Yes, Microsoft gave me a laptop and it has Vista on it

In the interest of being open about it...  I am submitting this blog post right now using a Microsoft provided laptop and it is running Vista.  There, I said it.  Whew!  I feel so much better now that I have it off my chest.

Some other things I should probably point out:

  • It is NOT an Acer Ferrari laptop, but I wish it was.

  • I had to load Vista on it myself.  In fact I have loaded Vista (Beta tester builds) on it too many times to keep count.

  • I am NOT going to give it away to some lucky reader of this blog.  That would be mean since I wouldn't wish this old laptop on anyone else.

  • It works fine.  I know that isn't a statement that marketing would like to hear.  They probably would like me to gush on and on about how cool it is and how my job is so much easier than it was before I put Vista on it.  But...  It works fine.  There are things that I really like about it.

  • Ok, I'll go a little further.  It works so well that I had to upgrade my home machine because I missed some of the features that I had at work.

  • I like it better than my former Apple iMac.  I sold that and used the money from it to buy a Dell. 

  • My Zune is working fine as well, on Vista.

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