Monday Morning at Tech-Ed 2006

I thought I would start off with a picture of Cliff Chao with some people on the Expo Hall floor.  Cliff is the one with the small head.  🙂



Here is another picture of Boston from the Convention Center.



One thing I like about going to Tech-Ed is seeing what we tell the public.  A lot of the stuff they talk about has been internal knowledge and I like to tell others about it, but can’t.  Once the beans are spilled at Tech-Ed, its fair game though.


Some things overheard that are just a little funny:

·         “Do more with more” – This was a line that Mary Lynn Rajskub from “24” fame said.  She was there Sunday night.  She did a good job.

·         “How many of your users are asking for less mailbox space?” – Steve Tramack (HP) 

·         “IT jokes are stooped.” – a note that was passed around during one of the sessions.  It kept getting brought up when lame jokes were presented.

·         “It is just so hard to find good Speedos anymore.” – Don’t ask.


ESRP session:

I went to a presentation where Matt Gossage spoke.  I knew him as the Exchange performance “go to” guy.  If you wanted to know anything about how to speed up Exchange, he was most likely the guy you wanted to talk about since he was a tester.  Now he is a PM for the CXP group.  CXP stands for Customer eXPerience.  Matt was talking about ESRP (Exchange Solution Reviewed Program).  This was the first time I had heard of it even though it was announced late 2005.


ESRP is a program where partners test their solutions for SANs and they then submit it to the Microsoft Product Group for review.  It gets checked for completeness and then they submit the results for you to view.  Why is this so cool?  Because configuring and testing a SAN with Exchange can be very difficult. 


Take a look at the solutions listed there.  There are solutions for 2000, 4000, 6000, and even 40,000 mailbox environments that have been tested.  Can you imagine how much work you would have to do to test a 40,000 mailbox setup?  And the great thing is that a lot of these solutions are designed to be “bricks”.  If you have a 12,000 mailbox environment you could use 2 of the 6000 mailbox solutions together.


A beta build of Jetstress 2007 will be released in July of 2006.  It will be 64 bit.


For testing you can use these tools:

Documentation on Storage performance:

More to come...

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