EXBPA May Incorrectly Report Low Free PTEs

When running Exchange Best Practices Analyzer (EXBPA) you may get a report saying The number of free page table entries is low, which can cause system instability.  This may be incorrect if you are running Windows 2003 but don’t have Windows 2003 SP1 installed.  The issue is that EXBPA uses the Perfmon counters for the Free System Page Table Entries (FreeSysPTEs) and that counter could be wrong.

The Performance tool does not accurately show the available Free System Page Table entries in Windows Server 2003

This was resolved in Windows 2003 SP1.  If you don’t have the ability to install SP1 yet and want to know what the real value is, you could follow the directions in the KB article 894067.  That article recommends of getting the tool LiveKD from Sysinternals.  Now...  should you do this on a mailbox server that is in production?  How familiar are you with live kernal debugging?  Never done it before?  Then I would stick to seeing if I could get the Service Pack installed instead.

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