One of the "Ten Useful Microsoft Blogs"

I was spending some time reading one of my favorite magazines, Redmond Magazine, this morning.  If it doesn't sound familiar to you, it used to be the Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine.  On the last page I'm reading the "Ten Useful Microsoft Blogs" article and I see that at number 7 is "You had me at EHLO", and I'm happy to see that Exchange got represented.  Those guys work hard on their content and they deserve to be mentioned.  I know I read it.  Then I do a quick glance to see if I know any others that are mentioned and I see a few others that I know as well.  Then as I am putting the article down something catches my eye...  Number 4.  Me.  Wow.  "Sporadic"?  Yeah, I'll agree with you there, Mr. Desmond.  I do this when I have "spare time" that isn't better utilized helping my customers who pay specifically for my service.  I'd love to do this full time.  But wow...  I'm just glad someone noticed.  Thanks for the kudos.

Comments (2)

  1. Benjamin Mateos says:

    Congrats. Gerod !!!

    You very well, deserve it !

    Keep it up.


  2. leelo7 says:

    Well Gerod I’d have to agree your Blog is very good and does for support what the EHLO blog does for the Exchange Technology.

    Keep your feet on the ground 😉

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