Exchange 2003 SP2 – "Direct Push" to Windows Mobile 5.0

Credit goes to Paul's updates again... - You have heard the rumors.  Exchange 2003 SP2 allows the pushing of email to the Windows Mobile 5.0 devices.  Some have even called it "the downfall of the company that competes against us in this area" (my words, CNET was more graphic and but you get the idea.)

This news article puts it well:  "Most importantly, however, Microsoft is hoping to compete on cost. A Visto server license for five users for a year is $1600, while a Rim Blackberry Enterprise Server for 20 users can set a company back more than $5000. The Microsoft platform, on the other hand, will be free for all Exchange 2003 users."

Many wondered if this was pulled from the "Magneto" release.  Nope.  The truth was we were waiting to announce it as included in SP2.  This update on the server will allow the remote wiping of the devices as promised.  Better administration of devices.  Better Security.  For no extra cost.  Mmmmm.  Good.


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