Nokia to use ActiveSync in the future?

(Credit - email from David LemsonNokia licenses Microsoft Exchange Server ActiveSync protocol for integration with Nokia's business-optimized devices

So this is very cool.  Remember the James Bond movie "Tomorrow Never Dies" where Mr. Bond is sitting down in the back of the car and he opens up his phone sideways and starts driving the car remotely?  That was done with Nokia and ActiveSync!  OK, that is a lie.  That phone was an Erikson.  But that phone looks like the type that will be connecting to the Exchange Servers in the future.  The article mentions the series 80 phones (9300, 9500, and others) and the series 60 phones (3650 and more).  So even though Nokia won't be running the Windows Mobile OS, at least they will be connecting to Exchange Servers.

(EDIT: Link fixed to David Lemson)

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