Fix for Online Backups of Exchange 2003 with SP1

When doing online backups of Exchange 2003 with SP1 you may not be successful and you may get the following in your application logs:

ID: 217
Source: ESE
Type: Error
Category: Logging/Recovery
Error -4001 During backup of a database location. The database will be unable to restore.

A new article has been posted about this here:
You cannot successfully perform an online backup information store databases on your Exchange Server 2003 SP1 computer, and event ID 217 is logged

This will update your ESE.dll to version 6.5.7232.54.

I found this article interesting because it was the first time that I had read (personally) where we recommended running "kill" against the information store instead of stopping all of the services.  This is mentioned in Method 1.  But then I read Method 2.  There your option is to do a defragmentation of your database.  If I had to choose between the two, I would go with Method 1 if I had a good backup from the day before.  You do check your backup logs daily right?  Yeah, I thought so...  Of course if you get this version of ESE on your machine you probably will not have this issue.

Comments (7)

  1. Two customer were facing the described issue – a welcome fix. But why has the IS to be "killed"? To get a dirty shutdown? So that no logfiles will be commited…?

  2. Gerod Serafin says:

    Well, the database is in a state and we need to run the database through ese.dll. We can do this two ways. You can defrag it, or you can shut down your database in a "dirty" state. This will force it to correct itself through the ESE.dll. We do some checks in this startup process and one of the checks happens to be one of the ones that repairs the issue in this article. Wow, I never thought that we would make *this* recommendation.

  3. Hi Gerod! Thanks for taking the time to clarify that! It’s also funny for me to read the instructions – I work with exchange Server since 1996…

  4. Gene Khanutin says:

    Hey Gerod,

    I had this issue on E2K3 SP1 servers when running ntbackup.

    I resolved it by applying hotfix 833167 then defragging and isintegging affected Databases.

  5. Jack Stern says:

    but how can I download this hotfix without pay???

  6. Nathan Yelton says:

    So what does the hotfix do? Disable the optimization of pre-extending the store?

  7. Gerod Serafin says:

    No functionality was taken out of the product in the fix. Only the issue that was introduced was resolved.

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