Something new for Exchange 2003 SP2

Well, we knew about it for awhile, but we had to keep our mouths shut until it was announced publicly.  Finally it was: Update on Exchange Edge Services.  Somebody leaked it before that because it showed up here before it was supposed to, but doesn't it always?  Oh well... 

So, what does this mean?  It means that the stand-alone product known as Exchange Edge Services that would probably have come out way before the next version of Exchange will instead now be released at the same time as the full version.  But, instead of making our customers wait for the next full product to be released, we will release the finished parts of the product in the current version of Exchange in a Service Pack.  So, SP2 will have the SenderID framework and an update to the Intelligent Message Filter (IMF).

I think that is pretty cool.

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  1. Anonymous says: – Din portal til Microsoft Exchange Server information

  2. sam says:

    I know this got not much to do with your post, it just reminded me of a Exchange/Outlook question: <br> <br>There is a known limit in Outlook/Exchange regarding open objects on public storage: <br><a target="_new" href=";en-us;830829">;en-us;830829</a&gt;
    <br> <br>So when I want to import *lots* of objects into a public folder I got to make it in chunks of say 250 each. <br> <br>But I cut&amp;paste or import more then 250 objects into a public folder using outlook, it won’t hit this boundary, it will magically
    work somehow – how? <br>I do want to import *lots* of contacts to public folders, and I got the feeling I’m doing it the wrong way, there must be a way to work around this limit without closing OL every few objects, not? <br> <br>Sam <br>– <br>if this post
    is too off topic, feel free to remove it

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