Exmerge Can Rename Folders on Exchange 2003

When using Exmerge to import content back in to mailboxes it is possible that your users may see that their “special folders” (i.e. Inbox, Calendar, etc.) may be renamed.  This is mainly seen in global organizations where customers use different languages and Inbox is spelled different.  So using an English version of Exmerge, a .pst file would be created with the Inbox folder and when imported back in, the folder would be changed.  This could cause much grief to our global customers.

Finally we have a solution that is documented in the following KB article:

“The Mailbox Merge Program renames special folders in a mailbox to match the special folder names in a personal folder file when you import messages in Exchange Server 2003 SP1”

What this adds is the ability to add a value RenameSpecialFolders to the exmerge.ini that specifies whether or not the folders should get modified or not.

Right now, in order to get the fix if needed, you will need to contact PSS Support.

Comments (1)

  1. Benjamin Mateos says:

    Thanks for the info.

    This was a much needed option.

    I know the article mention Exchange 2003 SP1; but, do you know if it can be used against previous Exchange versions also ?



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