EXBPA has been released!

Wouldn't you like to know:
   When you need to have Bios updated on your Servers?
   When the settings on your Antivirus software is incorrect?
   When your configuration is not optimal for performance?
   When you have software updates for Exchange?
EXBPA can do this and much more.


Go get it.  Spread the word.

Comments (5)

  1. Carmen says:


    I’ve just seen the Overview of EXBPA on microsoft.com and i couldn’t find anything related to antivirus settings. Are you sure it provides this kind of information?



  2. Gerod Serafin says:

    Yes. We worked with various vendors and they provided some recommendations. Also if you are scanning files that should not be scanned we will alert you. Try it out…

  3. tauhid says:

    yeah its an awesome tool…it not only point out what could be critical issues related to you exchange server it also suggest what can be done to fix it…all in all..2 thumbs up for the tool!

  4. tauhid says:

    one quick question..is there a way you can export the files in html format for easy viewing? thanks.

  5. Gerod Serafin says:

    Yes, as long as you have a printer added to the machine, you can select to print to file. Then you will have the option to save as .htm.

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