Microsoft scores highest in customer-respect study

Years ago, Steve Ballmer outlined Microsoft's values.  Two of them that were mentioned together were “Honesty and Respect“.  I've never really had a problem in the workspace being honest about what I think, but (to a fault) I have not always been respectful.  In other words, I have no problem telling someone that the product or work they have done is inferior (honest = good) but I have in the past done it in a way that often degraded the person (disrespectful = bad).

So after working on this for the past couple of years it is encouraging to read the results of some research done that says that online customers feel that Microsoft is treating them with respect.  I would like to think that we have all at Microsoft improved in this regard.  I know that years ago Microsoft was often described as being arrogant and I totally agreed.  Now, I don't put much faith in customer surveys, but I hope that this new survey is true and that we have improved.  I really hope that we continue to progress in this regard.

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  1. Gerod Serafin says:

    I would agree with the information in the link that eddy posted. MSN had such a rough start and continues to offer some horrendous support service while Google really was able to grow mainly by word-of-mouth. I do not feel that these two surveys reflect the same thing. One is whether customers feel respected and the other seems to be based on a product or service experience.

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