News from Tech-Ed 2004 Monday – Part 2

New in Exchange 2003 SP1 - The ability to consolidate sites even from 5.5 to Exchange 2003! 


  • The fix from KB article 836489 must be installed on 5.5 servers. 

  • Target server must be Exchange 2003 SP1

  • All ADCs must be running Exchange 2003 SP1 code.

  • Must be 2-way CA to each site.

It is also recommended that all your Public Folders be centralized already.  After consolidation there is a tool called exprofre.exe that will fix your Outlook profiles.  Mailbox rules will continue to work after the move.  DL membership will continue to work.

Cool, huh?  Makes you want to know when SP1 will be released huh?  Soon...  Real soon...

Comments (3)

  1. Benjamin Mateos says:

    YEAH !!!!!

    I Need Ex2k3 SP1 !.

    Do you know if there is already some public info on the new features to be implemented with it ?

    I need more SP1 info !


    Benji (from Sunny and warm Spain ;))

  2. Benjamin Mateos says:

    BTW, Where can I get the Profiler tool ?


    Thanks in advance.


  3. Gerod Serafin says:

    Those of you looking for the exprofre.exe tool will need to download the Exchange Profile Update Tool at the following link:

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