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Q:  What are the advantages to using Windows 2003 Enterprise over the standard version when running Exchange 2003?

A:  More processors.  (Updated: RPC over HTTPS is available on the Standard version as well, so I removed my mistake.)


Q:  How do I get access to all the mailboxes in Exchange 2003?

A:  821897 How to Assign Service Account Access to All Mailboxes in Exchange Server



Q:  How does DSAccess choose a DC/GC to talk to?

A:  It really is discussed in great detail in the following white paper at http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=c976433f-f979-4745-b7a6-9d8446ef6409&DisplayLang=en .  A good guideline to keep in mine is that the server will try to talk to those available in the site it belongs to and then other sites/domains.  Best practice is to always have a GC for your domain in the same site as your Exchange server.


Q:  At http://www.microsoft.com/exchange/techinfo/security/antispam.asp I read the following:  These user-maintained block and safe lists are shared from the clients to Exchange, where server-side filtering is conducted.” Does this mean that the lists are generated on the Exchange server?

A:  Not really.  This is actually a server side rule that is generated by the user.  This is NOT taken away from the 32K limit that normal server side rules have.


Q:  When sending a large attachment in cached mode I am seeing a larger amount of traffic than when I do this in online mode.  Why is this?

A:  When sending in cached mode, we first send the message, then the server notifies us that there is a new message in the “Sent Items” folder and we download that message again.  Unfortunately we cannot change this in the current build of Outlook.  But we did make some other changes that were a lot better than we used to work when we were using .osts.  It used to be that when you read a message, replied to a message or forwarded a message we changed the icon on the message and that required another download because the message had changed.  Now we don’t do that.  We only tell the server to change the flag for the object so that the icon is different and don’t download the change.

Comments (4)

  1. Don P1 says:

    Isn’t the RPC over HTTP proxy service available in standard edition as well? Am I missing your meaning?

  2. Gerod Serafin says:

    It has been updated. Thanks for catching that.

  3. Jeremiah Cook says:

    Hey, don’t forget clustering and the fact that you can go over the 16GB limit and you can use it as a front end server and you can have multiple storage groups, I think 4 sg’s with 4 databases per sg

  4. Gerod Serafin says:

    Actually, this is in regards to Windows 2003 and not Exchange 2003.

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