How to collect Outlook 2003 connection performance from Exchange 2003

I found this internally and I asked one of our Exchange Program Managers why this wasn't public yet.  His reply was:  “No reason.  Should at least be a KB”. 

So I wrote one.

But in the meantime, I thought I would share it with you.

Client side monitoring is used to find client errors and latency problems.  An Administrator can turn on client side monitoring on the Exchange Server via a registry key.   When enabled via a reg-key, Outlook 11 clients send data to the server based on status and state of connection including failed RPC requests and error conditions.  This information is aggregated on the server and exposed to the administrators via event log entries.

This is controlled on the Exchange server by registry key: ClientMonitoringReportLevel (DWORD).  This registry key will be located at the following location:
This registry key will have three settings: 

·       0 = do not collect data from any Outlook 11 clients.
·       1 = collect performance data only from high bandwidth Outlook 11 clients
·       2 = collect performance data from all Outlook 11 clients

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