Fix for Online Backups of Exchange 2003 with SP1

When doing online backups of Exchange 2003 with SP1 you may not be successful and you may get the following in your application logs: ID: 217 Source: ESE Type: ErrorCategory: Logging/Recovery Description: Error -4001 During backup of a database location. The database will be unable to restore. A new article has been posted about this here:You…


Something new for Exchange 2003 SP2

Well, we knew about it for awhile, but we had to keep our mouths shut until it was announced publicly.  Finally it was: Update on Exchange Edge Services.  Somebody leaked it before that because it showed up here before it was supposed to, but doesn’t it always?  Oh well…  So, what does this mean?  It…


New November Exchange 5.5 Store Fix Available for Download

Talk about good timing…  Yesterday I post a list of fixes for Exchange 5.5 and I mentioned that the May 2004 roll-up fix for the Information Store was pulled because of a regression.  Last night we posted the new build up externally so that you don’t need to call us to get it.  This replaces…


New and Updated list of Recommended fixes for Exchange 5.5

I have one machine that had it’s hard drive fail 4 times in one month.  I guess that is a good reason for not posting in a while.  I thought this might make up for it. Some of our customers are still running Exchange 5.5 even though mainstream support for the product will retire this…


Exmerge Can Rename Folders on Exchange 2003

When using Exmerge to import content back in to mailboxes it is possible that your users may see that their “special folders” (i.e. Inbox, Calendar, etc.) may be renamed.  This is mainly seen in global organizations where customers use different languages and Inbox is spelled different.  So using an English version of Exmerge, a .pst…


Sprint Now Offering Smartphone

Essentially this is the same as Verizon’s SPH-i600, but it called the SP-i600.  I am so glad that they are now carrying this.  I am sorry that they are so late to get into this market otherwise I wouldn’t have left them over a year ago for AT&T.  I wonder how many people left them…


EXBPA has been released!

Wouldn’t you like to know:   When you need to have Bios updated on your Servers?   When the settings on your Antivirus software is incorrect?   When your configuration is not optimal for performance?   When you have software updates for Exchange?EXBPA can do this and much more. Go get it.  Spread the word.


Exchange Server Best Practices Analyzer Tool – When?

Ok,  Remember when I mentioned how excited I was about the Exchange Best Practices Analyzer being announced at Tech-Ed 2004? Well, you may be wondering when it is coming out.  I can’t tell you that.  But you may notice that Paul Bowden has mentioned it in a post at There he says:  “This newsgroup…


Exchange and Windows Server Updates – Inetinfo repeatedly crashes

On Saturday we released two updates.  One is for Exchange 2003 and one is for Windows 2000 SMTP.  This fixes an issue where the Inetinfo.exe repeatedly crashes and restarts. You may see the following errors: Source: Service Control ManagerType: ErrorEvent ID: 7031Description:The IIS Admin Service service terminated unexpectedly. It has done this <x> time(s). Source:…


New Hotfix for Store Crashes – Exchange 2003 Post SP1

According to an article released today, after you install Exchange 2003 SP1 you may experience a crash in your Information Store because of malformed email messages.  Should this prevent you from installing SP1?  No.  But you will want to install this fix (after testing this in your test environment) to prevent crashes.  The official Microsoft…