Bestätigt: Steve Fox spricht auf der SQL Server & SharePoint Connections

Hoher Besuch aus der Microsoft Konzernzentrale in Redmond. Top-Manager Steve Fox wird nicht nur die Keynote auf der SQL Server & SharePoint Connections am 8. und 9. Mai in Berchtesgarden halten, sondern eine weitere Session übernehmen.

Developing Cloud-Based SharePoint Applications using Windows Azure: The cloud is an important part of the new IT vernacular, but what does it mean for one of Microsoft’s most popular and fastest-growing server products? In this session, we’ll explore both SharePoint and SharePoint Online and discuss how Windows Azure (and more general cloud technologies) integrate to provide you with an opportunity to build cloud-based applications.

For the keynote: Big Data, Cloud and SharePoint - More and more attention is  being paid from the integration between Data, Cloud and SharePoint. In this keynote, we’ll address the concept of Big Data, discussion how to map and reduce it into actionable insights. We’ll also connect this to the Cloud, which in many cases is inextricably tied to the Big Data, but evermore has fundamental and native connection points with SharePoint and SharePoint

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