Neue Limits bei Hyper-V Clusterumgebungen

Vor einiger Zeit wurden die Limits bei Clusterumgebungen im Zusammenspiel mit Hyper-V angepasst. Die wichtigste Zahl ist, dass jetzt max. 384 VMs pro Cluster Knoten bei max. 1000 VMs im gesamten Cluster unterstützt werden.




Nodes per cluster


Consider the number of nodes you want to reserve for failover, as well as maintenance tasks such as applying updates. We recommend that you plan for enough resources to allow for 1 node to be reserved for failover, which means it remains idle until another node is failed over to it. (This is sometimes referred to as a passive node.) You can increase this number if you want to reserve additional nodes. There is no recommended ratio or multiplier of reserved nodes to active nodes; the only specific requirement is that the total number of nodes in a cluster cannot exceed the maximum of 16.

Running virtual machines per cluster and per node

1,000 per cluster, with a maximum of 384 on any one node

Several factors can affect the real number of virtual machines that can be run at the same time on one node, such as:

  • Amount of physical memory being used by each virtual machine.
  • Networking and storage bandwidth.
  • Number of disk spindles, which affects disk I/O performance.

Sämtliche Limits und weitere Daten können auf Technet nachgelesen werden:

Requirements and Limits for Virtual Machines and Hyper-V in Windows Server 2008 R2

Viel Spaß beim Virtualisieren

Alexander Ortha (Technischer Berater Microsoft Server Virtualisierung)

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