Issue with the Tune Management Packs view in SCOM 2016

With SCOM 2016 we introduced a very cool and helpful new feature: the data driven Alert Management, provided by the “Tune Management Packs” view. You can find more details about this feature here . Black box and empty lines in Tune Management Packs view Unfortunately, under certain circumstances there is an issue with this view….

Quick note: Speeding up OpsMgr dashboards based on the SQL visualization library

Summary for the impatient: With SQL MP version we provide an OpsMgr rule “DW data early aggregation” that can be enabled to pre-load data thus speeding up dashboards based on the SQL visualization library. As most of you guys know, we introduced new dashboard capabilities with the SQL visualization library in SQL MP Version…

Microsoft Monitoring Agent (SCOM / OMS Agent) setup failed with Error 25211

Recently I run into an issue at customer where the customer was not able to uninstall nor repair an SCOM Agent be using the MOMAgent.msi. Every try to repair / uninstall / reinstall runs into the same Error message: Symptom: If you want to uninstall / reinstall / repair a Microsoft Monitoring Agent, the setup may fail…


Programmatically resetting SCOM Monitors

Resetting SCOM monitors programmatically through the SDK is a useful task and can be used for multiple purposes like Resetting old (outdated) monitor states. For very old monitor states there might be no alert available anymore (because someone closed the alert without fixing the root cause (see post on Alert management scenarios) and maybe even…