Quick note: PoSh function to show discovery sources for SCOM class properties

This week, I needed to troubleshoot some properties, that did not get discovered. For this, I needed to know, which discovery rules are responsible for discovering these particular properties.

I did not want to search all MPs for that, so I wrote a small function, that helps me to gather this information:

This function creates a collection of custom objects for each property. The custom object contains information about the property, the parent class and the discovery rule.

Requirements for this function:
- Function supports SCOM 2012/2016
- Function must be executed in a shell with a loaded and configured SCOM 2012/2016 Module
- User needs at least Advanced Operator right in SCOM

The screenshot above shows the function in action by searching for a property called "ActiveDirectorySite".

As I think that this function could be helpful for you as well, I published it on TechnetGallery.


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